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Th.B. Theology

Alpha & Omega Colleges

The Th.B. (Bachelor of Theology) Eight courses are required for the Th.B. degree:


A) The Book of Common Prayer 1979 Edition.
B) Howard E. Galley, The Ceremonies of the Eucharist. A Guide to Celebration. Gowley Publications, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1989.
C)Barbara Gent and Betty Sturges, The New Altar Guild Book. Morehouse Publications, Revised June 1996.
D) Dennis Michno, A Priest's Handbook: The Ceremonies of the Church. Morehouse Publications, 3rd Edition, August 1998.
E) Ormond Plater, Deacons in the Liturgy. Morehouse Morehouse Pub., November 1999.

Reading/written Assignments: Submit a notebook which includes a summary of each chapter of the five books noted above.
Practical assignment: after training under your mentor. Go through the Holy Eucharist with the bishop.


A) Larry D. Hart, Truth Aflame: A balanced Theology for Evangelicals and Charismatic's. Thomas Nelson, March 1999.
B) J.N.D. Kelly, Early Christian Doctrines. Continuum, 5th Edition, September 2000.

Written assignment: Submit a notebook which gives a summary for each chapter of the two listed above.


A) Andrew Hill and John Walton, Survey of the Old Testament. 2nd Edition, Zondervan, 2000.

Written assignments: Submit a notebook which gives a summary of each chapter of the two books listed above.

4. NEW TESTAMENT A) Robert Horton Gundry, A survey of the New Testament. 4th Edition,
Zondervan, 2003.

Written assignments: Submit a notebook which gives a summary of each chapter of the two books listed above.


A) Henry Chadwick, The Early Church. Penguin USA, Revised Edition, 1993.
B) Bruce Shelley, Church History in Plain Language, Updated Edition, Thomas Nelson, 1996.

Written assignments: Submit a notebook which gives a summary of each chapter of the two books listed above.


A) Thomas G. Long, The Witness of Preaching. John Knox Press, 1990 B) Fred B. Craddock, Preaching. Abingdon, 1990.
Written assignments:

(1) One book report each for the two books listed above, not to exceed five typed, double-spaced pages.

(2) Write and Advent sermon using Long as you guide, and submit your exegetical preparation with the written sermon.

(3) Write a sermon using the BCP lectionary for a particular Sunday and use Craddock as you guide. Submit both written exegetical preparation and the written sermon.

(4) Preach a sermon under the supervision of your supervising priest and at his church using the methods studied in Long and Craddock. Submit the written sermon to the bishop. The supervising priest will also be required to submit his written evaluation.


A) Thomas C. Oden, Pastoral Theology: Essentials of Ministry. Harper,San Francisco, 1983.
B) George Barna, The Power of Vision. Regal Books, 1997.
C) John C. Maxwell, Developing the Leader Within You. Thomas Nelson, 2nd Revised Edition, 2000.

Written assignments: submit a notebook which gives a summary of each chapter of the three books listed above. Practical assignments: At the discretion of your supervising priest.

8. CANONS OF THE ARCHDIOCESE OF THE ALPHA AND OMEGA, or an appropriate elective.

A) Assignments:

(1) Write a summary of each section of the Canons.

(2) Write an essay describing the three orders of deacon, priest, and bishop according to the Canons.

(3) Meet with the bishop to discuss the polity, structure, and organization of the Canons.

B) Alternatively, for students who are not members of the Archdiocese of the Alpha and Omega, a reading course in their respective denominational polity will be designed.















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