Anglican Church of the Americas

Glossary of Theological Terms

The Anglican Church of the Americas (ACA) is an orthodox network of Anglican churches, dioceses, and ministries. We are adherents of what is often called Convergence Theology and Spirituality which stresses three main aspects of the fides quae credenda est ubique, semper, et ab omnibus (the faith that must be believed everywhere, always, and by everyone) that was taught by the Lord Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God who is also God the Son, fully and perfectly God and fully and perfectly man; and which was passed on by the Lord to His Apostles, who in turn passed the Truth of His Word to His servants, the Bishops. Owing to their very important Apostolic Succession, the Bishops of the Church have received an irreversible character at their consecrations and are guardians of the Truth of scripture and sacred tradition designated as the Magisterium Iglesiae Catholicae, and thus preserve, protect, and defend the pure and unadulterated doctrine of the One, Holy, Apostolic, and Catholic Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Those three aspects are:

  1. Evangelical
    Upholding the sacredness of Holy Scripture and the orthodox teaching that the Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit and it contains everything that is necessary for the salvation of the soul, living a holy and pure life dedicated to God, receiving eternal life through Jesus Christ, and preparing to live with God and His saints in heaven after passing from this earthly sojourn. All members in the ACA respect and highly honor the Bible as the written Word of God and accept the sacredness of both Old and New Testaments.

  2. Charismatic
    Believing in and practicing, according to God's will and purpose, ALL of the spiritual gifts found in Holy Scripture. There are four classifications: the manifestation gifts (I Corinthians 12), the motivational gifts (Romans 12), the ordination gifts (Ephesians 4:11), and the sanctifying gifts (Isaiah 11:2-3). As Christians we are not at liberty to select those gifts that appeal to us and discard those that we find unacceptable. All of the gifts are given to by the Holy Spirit for the edification of the Church. The Anglican Church of the Americas accepts the emphasis upon the power and presence of the Holy Spirit brought to the modern Church's attention by the renewal movement initiated at the great Azusa Street Awakening in the early 1900s in Los Angeles, U.S.A.

  3. Liturgical and Sacramental
    Espousing the seven sacraments of the Catholic faith: the sacraments of initiation being Baptism, Holy Eucharist, Confirmation; those of healing, Reconciliation and Unction; and those of vocation, Holy Orders and Holy Matrimony (only between a man and a woman). The Anglican Church of the Americas upholds and teaches the Real Presence of Christ in the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, viz., that after the elements of Bread and Wine are consecrated by a priest who has been ordained by a Bishop consecrated in Apostolic Succession, the comunicant partakes of the Body and Blood of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, and Holy Communion celebrated in all churches of the ACA as the principal weekly service (also called the Mass). Jesus Christ taught that unless we eat His flesh and drink His blood, we have no life in us (see St. John 6:52-8).

    The Glossary of Theological Terms below is arranged according to these three general categories (Evangelical, Charismatic, Liturgical and Sacramental). The ACA hopes that this will be a blessing to you as you grow in your knowledge of the Way, the Truth, and the Life who is Jesus Christ.
















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