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In Memoriam: Archbishop Max Broussard


Archbishop Max BroussardThe Most Reverend ++Max Broussard was born Max Jethro Broussard, on September 10, 1933 in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. He acceded to heaven on December 4, 2005. Funeral services were held at Vincent Funeral Home in Kaplan, Louisiana on Wednesday, December 7, 2005 at 11 a.m. with burial in the Indian Bayou Methodist Church Cemetery in Indian Bayou, Louisiana.

++Max was a shepherd among shepherds. He was sought constantly by archbishops, bishops, clergy, and laity for his spiritual insight and knowledge. Studying for the Roman Catholic priesthood, ++Max was ordained a Roman Catholic priest for the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana. It was his love of the Eucharist that drew him to the Roman Catholic Church - a love that continued throughout his spiritual journey. The reverence and humility exhibited by ++Max during the consecration service, was an evident love of his Lord and Savior present in the Sacred Elements.

++Max had a varied career. Before entering the priestly service, Max was highly involved in theater. Though not one to ìtoot his own horn,î ++Max was very intelligent, speaking and reading several languages, including Russian. He was also in the Intelligence branch of the military, serving faithfully his country in this realm. His rectory was filled with scores of books, mostly of Christian venue, but also books of intelligentia. ++Max loved knowledge. He loved learning. He loved studying. ++He would find a new translation or commentary on the Scriptures, and almost devour it with a hunger similar to the apostles meeting the Risen Lord on the road to Emmaus: ìWere not our hearts burning within us as he discussed the Scriptures with us on the way?î

++Max was a father to the fatherless. Bishop John Michael Simile of Morgan City, Louisiana, as well as I, were beneficiaries of his fatherly guidance and love. Though +John Michael received more because of his close proximity to ++Max, I always joke that ìI knew him firstî since I had met him in the late 1970ís as a Catholic priest at St. Michael Church in Crowley. We are but two of those ++Max ìtook under his wingsî (and what mighty wings they were - you experienced this when his hands were laid upon you or you even shook hands with him). Interestingly enough, the title that he always preferred to be called WAS ìFather Max.î

++Max was an amazing Biblical teacher. The Scriptures would come alive when he would teach. He was also, a very humble and simple man - a loving, caring shepherd. ++Max could correct and reprove you with such love and care, that it would take a few minutes after one left that they realized they had actually been reproved.

There are many days when I still feel his presence. There are times I can still hear that jovial, baritone voice belly laughing, and those eyes that would squint with just a hint of ìrascality.î That was Archbishop ++Max Broussard. A man that one would imagine Jesus to be when he walked on this earth. A man that I would pray to emulate in my ministry to the flock.

The voice is hushed. The eyes are closed. The spirit is resting with Jesus. But, ALL of us who had the opportunity of knowing this wonderful man of God, can say that through Archbishop ++Max Broussard, we have received a ìtouch from God.î

Archbishop Max Broussard

ìEternal rest grant unto him, O Lord; and let light perpetual shine upon him.î

In His Service,

+Bishop Jimmy Broussard, Third Bishop Ordinary
Diocese of the Holy Trinity, APCGS















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