Anglican Church of the Americas

Ordination Requirements

The Anglican Church of the Americas is an orthodox Anglican network of churches, ministries, dioceses, and provinces in the tradition of convergence theology and spirituality which emphasizes the evangelical, charismatic, and liturgical and sacramental aspects of the faith passed down by the Lord Jesus Christ to the Apostles and Bishops of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Candidates who are interested in applying for ordination or incardination should contact the following:

Very Rev. Fr. Len Gavin
Chair, Committee on Holy Orders
Anglican Church of the Most Sacred Heart
P.O. Box 110696
Birmingham, Al. 35211

Please note that each diocese or province in the Anglican Church of the Americas has its own specific qualifications for the ordained ministry (the priesthood and the diaconate), but examples of the general requirements are:

Application letter
Letters of Recommendation
Background Checks
Educational Requirements
Working Knowledge of the Liturgy and Sacraments of the Anglican Tradition
Personal Interviews with Diocesan Committees on Holy Orders
Personal Interviews with Diocesan Ordinaries
Doctrinal Statements
Spousal Approval
Statement of Purity
Clear Vision for the Ordained Ministry
Acceptance of the Canons of the Church
Acceptance of the Creeds of the Church (Apostles, Nicene, etc.)
Other Requirements According to the Diocese to which application is made
Final Approval by the Diocesan Bishop






















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